Smart, it’s the sign of our times. Smartphones, smart cars, smart computers, smart appliances. We’ve surrounded ourselves with so much smart we rarely think about smart’s consequences. The future is mobile and so is the radiation that comes with it. With the Health and Wellbeing trend exploding we are becoming more and more aware of healthy consumption, not only of food.

Research has shown us the possible dangers of mobile communications systems. Because we are now aware of this risk there is a need for safe and sustainable products. For us and the next mobile generation. That’s where RADYGO comes in. We design pretty cool-looking everyday solutions that evidently reduce radiation exposure from your everyday mobile radiation emitting devices such as smart phones and tablets. That’s what we say Be Smart, Enjoy Life!





Keep and carry your phone or tablet at least 10 cm from your body. So not in your pocket, sorry guys.



Use your headset or speaker phone, especially when you’re phone is trying to connect.



Pregnant? Keep your smart device away from your belly.



Keep your smart device outside of your bedroom or make sure it’s on flight mode.



Offer your kids all smart devices on flight mode.



Text or what’s app instead of making a call.



Use RADYGO smart wear and be safe!


We believe in a new Smart status quo that enables people to enjoy life while using safe and responsible wireless technology. Not on our terms, but on your terms. Not by introducing products you don’t really need, but by rethinking the ones you already use and therefore create a happier mobile ecology for all of us. Especially for the (unborn) youngsters among us. How smart. Time has come to make our connected world a healthier place. For all of us. After all, while you’re out there conquering the world, someone needs to watch your back, right? That’s us, RADYGO. Be Smart, Live Smart.



Exceptional developments have already urged some governments, like the Belgian and Canadian, to take precautionary measures in limiting the exposure to electromagnetic fields (radiaton). France already bans the use of wireless internet at preschools and prohibits phones used on ear in advertisements. The World Health Organization has put radiation caused by mobile phones on the list of potential carcinogens. The Dutch government however is not taking a stand. The ‘Gezondheidsraad’ is still waiting for definite conclusions.

What are the long term implications? When will we limit our use of mobile technology following the precautionary principle? What do internationally renowned Doctors say now and in the future? What is the playing field where we are in now and where are we heading? We don’t know the long term effects of radiation yet, so we better be Smart.

Meet RadyGo


Social technology venture RADYGO is Europe’s frontrunner in anti-radiation solutions. Our team has over 4 years of scientifically based expertise on how to reduce radiation exposure to vital body parts. Not only as tech lovers but also from a socially responsible perspective. Mobile tech has leaped human kind forward in unimaginable ways, it has presented us with tremendous opportunities and will present more in the future at accelerating speed. The speed is accelerating. That why we encourage people and brands to use wireless technology Smart.

Jul 2016


The Dutch Financial Times zoomes in on the founder of RADYGO. Derck, Man on a mission.

Feb 2017


Making steps with Smartwear technology. What’s going on? Why, How and What

Sep 2017


RADYGO selected as a finalist for BMW Startup challenge to Help Shape Future Mobility and Urban Living.

Jan 2018


Impact entrepreneur profile.



Safety first, fellas. The Kultivate ‘No Signal’ flash collection puts a new spin on the current high-tech trend. All pieces feature a hidden pocket constructed from anti-radiation fabric that helps shield your body from wireless technology. With this small range of comfy classics, you stay connected while you keep your ‘valuables’ safe and sound. The minimalist embroidery logo on the right marks the zone of protection.


Comfort and care. The Noppies Maternity x RADYGO capsule collection is designed to keep you and your little one safe in a smart and connected world. All items feature a piece of RADYGO anti-radiation fabric that keep you blossoming belly safe from wireless technology. The soft and comfortable items are the wardrobe essentials for every mum to be. Now available.

Noppies x RADYGO Smart maternity launch 15-02-2018

Official launch of NOPPIES X RADYGO collection that keeps away cellphone and tablet
radiation from baby in belly.

Smart wear technology


We design certified Smart wear technology for brands which has resulted in our innovative patent-pending RADYGO Smart pocket. This turn key technology ensures a health benefit for mobile phone users when carrying a phone in a pocket. In co-creation with our partners we produce Smartwear that keeps radiation, emitted by smartphones and tablets, away from the vital parts of the body. Do you represent a clothing brand and would you like to make positive impact on your customers NOW? We can help you to implement our Smart pockets into any garment, based on a strong scientific and governmental fundament with a strong purpose.

RADYGO Service desk: +31 (0) 20 305 78 71

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